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Central and South America

Rainbow Crystal Land Colombia
- San Agustin
This is a place where we live in freedom and in harmony with nature. A place where we learn to be free, to love and to be loved and to take responsibility. The community in the Andes in southern Colombia was born in 2014. Since then we experience together what it means to live with a maximum of freedom and as part of a family and utopian vision at the same time.
Arco Iris Community
- Iquitos, Peru
'We are an ecovillage project, in the middle of the peruvian rainforest where everybody is welcome.'


Will Supertramp
Wills Home
Fort William, Highlands, Scotland
Myself, my partner and my daughter live here. Happy to help family if needed 🌈😁


Just Arrive
Orgiva, Spain
Open Community, Started in a rainbow framework but has developed into a mixed place. You can turn up and put a tent up or park up.

Canary Islands

Rainbow Crystal Land, Gran Canaria
+491781614807 + Facebook
camino de la capellania 9 35430 Firgas, Spain
'Place of retreat and healing taking advantage of nature, medicinal herbs and spiritual works for an improvement of our physical and mental health.'


Andrew Cooper 07943592869
Viseu, Portugal
New community healing space, with a focus on permaculture forest gardening, medicinal herbs, natural building, yoga, meditation and plant medicine. Low impact, slow paced, sustainable living. Beautiful location above a big reservoir :)
Jogi Lustig
00351961848485 (also on FB and WhatsApp)
Aurora, Monchique
Brother Jogis rainbow friendly land - A welcome space with respect and tolerance. Children welcome. Cats and dogs welcome if well-behaved.


La Ferme Haricot
Nimes, France
Friendly fairly open community, following rainbow values


Sushant Poudyal's Place Phone +9779841228327
Forest, Arghankanchi, Nepal
Completely in nature with clean rivers big and huge forest, for souls who can cook, collect and work. No responsibility completely freedom of what u wear or do! Tent is highly recommended if u want privacy coz the living area is above the kitchen and has shade and 1 floor but no walls! Its almost like the really gathering coz we have to go on food mission every few days coz the farm is still very small to feed many mouths! Nearest village is around 2-3 hours up hill walk and the bus stop around 7-8 hours walk. Love and light to all the peaceful, beautiful, ugly whatever u think u r doesnt matter coz here only the bears and wild boars will judge u!


Świadomość (Consciousness) - Leo and Jaga Isztar's house +48501422567
Żuków near Żyrardów 50 km from Warsaw
We are a micro community. There are 2 small houses in the forest, far from neighbours. We have separate private rooms and a guest room. We share the best with love. Music, dance, food, massages, tantra, fire. You are welcome to visit us for a few days or for a longer time if there is a room available.


Hungarian Rainbow Crystaland
Szentgál, Hungary
'Wonderfull place deep in the forest, fresh water from two springs kitchen is prepared, sometimes their are people living a simple life. Nice farmers around. Owned by the hungarian rainbow family everybody is welcome.'


Altenstein, Germany
For people who are looking for an alternative way of life without capitalism. Freeport is created by a small group and has a full working infrastructure, which allows to be independent of electricity, water, heating, cooking(energy/fuel), communication and food. But as a small group they really need our help! Here you can also learn a lot about sustainability. The surrounding landscape is amazing, also the forest.

North America

The Canvas
USA - 100 s west ave, crooks,SD 57020
Sam Lopez - +6052545211
Supportive Holistic Integrated Transition for those in Transition, otherwise known as get your S.H.I.T. together. We use music and art to help folks work through trauma and help them get back on track with where they want to be.
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